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South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy(SSHURSA) is an incorporated nonpolitical and nonprofit -making human rights organisation. It was founded on 5 June 2007, by South Sudanese lawyers and Law Students at Law Development Centre (LDC), Makerere, Kampala, Uganda. In South Sudan, it started operational since 2008. It is governed by 7 members as a board of directors. Its staff and volunteers transitionally comprise of lawyers, social workers, political analysts among others, headed by an executive director. The 5th June 2017 marks SSHURSA 10th Anniversary of its existence and SSHURSA is proud of the 10 years of existence in defence of human rights and rule of law in South Sudan. It is determined to remain vocal and give alternative voice where silence takes over. We thank our past, current, would-be donors and beneficiaries for their continued financial and moral support. SSHURSA dedicates 2017 to the memories of Isaiah Abraham, who gave up his life in defence of human rights, democracy and rule of law. Isaiah was finally assassinated on 5 December 2012 in South Sudan’s capital-Juba.

OUR VISION: “A human rights, rule of law, democracy and peace abiding South Sudan.”


 OUR MISSION: “To monitor, document and publish human rights status in South Sudan and to educate the public on human rights and fundamental freedoms of an individual in order to provide a ground for an informed, responsible, justice and good governance-oriented citizenry


AREAS OF FOCUS: i. Constitution. ii. Human rights education, monitoring & documentation. iii. Legal Aid, paralegal and psychosocial support services. iv. Transitional Justice and peacebuilding. v. Humanitarian law & refugee law. Vi. Legislation monitoring and rule of law. vii. Extractive industry. viii. Child protection, youth and women empowerment. ix. Research, advocacy and lobby.

OUR CORE VALUES: Protection and respect of the universality of human rights and rule of law, respect of human dignity, freedoms and integrity of an individual, service without fear or favour, impartiality, non-partisanship, justice to all, professionalism and integrity in the conduct of our work.

PROJECT TARGET BENEFICIARY: Internally Displaced Persons & refugees, women, youth, Traditional Authorities, civil society organisations, faith based organisations, local government institutions, persons with disability, children, victims of torture and gender based violence.

2010-2015 FUNDING: UN-Women(Referendum civic education, 2010), Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa(Constitution 2011-14), PACT Sudan(human rights & humanitarian law 2012-2013) and Justice Africa-South Sudan(Community Dialogues on South Sudan’s Constituencies Development Funds Act 2011 and Bill of Rights in the TCSS 2011).

SOME OF SSHURSA PREVIOUS SUCCESS STORIES: In 2011, SSHURSA made a submission to National Parliament on the 24 hour detention rule as the right to fair trial, a precisely constitutionalised wording on the rights of the persons with disability and determination of the number of the Members of the National Legislative Assembly(250)m all to be included in the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan 2011(TCSS 2011. Its proposals were accepted and are now under Articles 19(4) , 30(1 & 2) of the TCSS 2011(As amended) and section 60(5) of the Elections Act 2012 Etc.

Mr. Pal Wuol , Former Project Legal Officer

Human rights and Humanitarian law project, Akobo County Jonglei State.

SSHURSA Project Officers

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SHURSA Executive Director: Biel Boutros Biel and colleaques from South Sudan Law Society with IGAD special Envoy on South Sudan. Amb. Dr. Isimail Wais, 16 Dec.2017 IGAD Office, Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Women our Voices
SSHURSA Executive Director Biel Boutros Biel with Transitional Justice Fellows and IJR staff in IJR Africa Transitional Justice Fellowship, July 2013, Cape Town South Africa
SSHURSA Executive Director Biel Boutros Biel with Transitional Justice Fellows and IJR staff in IJR Africa Transitional Justice Fellowship, July 2013, Cape Town South Africa
Citizens of Akobo county participating
Akobo coutnty chief participants signing on Attendance
Pagak Town Peace and Reeconciliation Dialogue
SSHURSA and ACJPR workshop Paticipants in Gambella Peace and reconciliation dialogue

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